//Oslo class torpedo boat

Oslo class torpedo boat

I think torpedoes are a cool concept, but a rare sight. With Shaltari having none and UCM only having them in the battleship denomination, they are not often seen on the table.

Looking into seafaring vessels, you see the role of torpedoboat. I think that it could be a cool concept to see in DFC so below is a suggestion for a new ship class along those lines. The intention is to add an interesting ship type as well as give the UCM easier access to torpedoes.


Torpedoboat – 55 PTS

Oslo6"3"10"44+31-2LRare, Launch
UF-2200 Mass driver turret4+11F/S
Barracuda Missile Bays4+21F/S/RClose action

The Oslo Class is a peculiarity in UCM navy since it is the only ship outside Battleships denomination with torpedoes.

After the war came to the homefront, UCM have had an increased need to be on the defensive as well – but with the harsh requirement of not to diminish the offensive capabilities of the colonial navy. At first this seemed impossible, but with inspiration from seagoing warships of old, somebody renewed the concept of torpedoboat and it was an instant succes.

Build on a frigate hull and carrying only a single torpedo and its UF-2200 mass driver, makes it a rather inexpensive ship to build. In defence of the colonial planets they are coupled with an equal amount of corvettes where the corvettes attack strike carriers the Oslo class torpedo boats focus on bombardment vessels and troop ships.

It wasn’t long before some enterprising admirals saw the use in an offensive campaign. It does have limited use in a pitched battle since its main armament is a single torpedo, but it can act as a deterrent to the enemy flagship or act as a temporary strengthening of a fast battlegroup where cruisers and heavy cruiser are unable to follow along. However, since they were mainly built for defence – where they are sorely needed – only a couple of handfuls are released for offensive use.