//Schedule will be irregular

Schedule will be irregular

I hate to say this, but I am unable to get stuff written for the blog at the moment, and for any forseeable future, updates will be irregular.

The core of the issue is, that between work (which is crazy) and other commitments, I haven’t got a game in this year and I’m unsure when I will – odds are right now, that I am at the other side of easter before that’ll happen. Though I can theorize a lot, games is the fuel that spur my thoughts and set up the questions I want to investigate. When I’m not playing any games, I have no source of inspiration, basically, and hence very little interest in writing anything.

So even though I could find some time to write in my currently somewhat crazy schedule – that is a matter of priorities – I don’t have the inclination at the moment since there is no room for playing.

It might seem odd that the last couple of posts basically have been about why I don’t post – why do I bother you with this information? I feel that since I have announced a certain schedule – that I will post weekly – I think that the proper thing to do is to inform when this schedule will not be met, rather than just pretend like nothing. Now you now that updates will be irregular instead of concluding it over the coming weeks or months.

If you don’t already you can subscribe to the blog in the menu to the right – I promise you, that the only mails I will send is with new posts (or information about why there are no new posts 🙂 ).