//After the hiatus

After the hiatus

Since the hiatus is now officially over, I would like to follow up on a few things. Prepare for another meta-post.

First of all, I would like to thank both the people who wrote me and the many people who subscribed. I first and foremost write to organize my own thoughts and ideas, but knowing that there are people who also take an interest and who are willing to take time to come with suggestions is really motivating and valuable. Thank you very much, I got a lot of good input from you.

Second, I have given a bit of thought to what I’m doing going forwards. First and foremost, I will continue to write a lot of somewhat long and math-based analysis of ships and tactics, both because I enjoy it but also because it seems that other people like that too.

I will also do a bit more to make potential readers aware of my blog. Since I do not want to spam the facebook groups (If everybody who blogged wrote a post every time it would crowd out the discussions) this mostly means making sure that I write on hawk wargames forum when a new post is up. I feel less like I’m spamming there.

Finally, time is still tight. While this past month gave me a lot of room to work on other projects that I really needed and wanted, I neither got to put so much into the backlog nor have I increased my available free time in the future. Even more so, I am facing a crazy busy January at work (and potentially a similar February) so my past schedule of two posts a week is not doable. Hence my future schedule will be one post a week, on Mondays. If I manage to create a large buffer I might increase this later in the year, but for now, a post a week is where we’re at.