//3D printed assisting tools for stands

3D printed assisting tools for stands

When I do something a lot, I quickly start to see the small things that could be improved. Even though dropfleet is amazing, there are many small things where improvement can be made – especially in the practical aspects of playing a game. Among those I quickly found two I needed to improve upon; the small crippling counters that always looked a bit messy to me, and the lack of an easy and clear way to see which ships where in the same battlegroup.

Crippling damage holder

This is a very small and simple 3D printed plastic bit that can hold onto the stem of the flying stand and the small cardboard piece that comes with the starter set. In that way you can fix the piece to the stem where it both is more visible and where it never “gets away” from the ship it belongs to.

Clip and cardboard tokens.
Multiple clips on cardboard tokens.

Battle group indicator

I have seen many good tools for this from the very simple (cut straws is brilliant in my opinion) to the more elaborate. However, when you have a hammer (3D printer) every problem because a nail (something that can be printed) and hence I designed what is really a small bead to be slid on the stem. Then you print them in the numbers and colors you need.

Battle group indicator in use. You can also see the (maybe more) interesting customer flying stand I’ve made – I will talk more about those in a later post).

So where do I get these?

Well, I’ve made them publicly available at thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2482012. Here you can download and print them yourself, if needed.

Another thing that might have caught your eye on this blog is the flying stands themselves. They are also my own design and 3D printed. I will get back to them (including releasing the files) in a later post.